APN + nano polymerization technology

APN + nano polymerization technology 


Based on in the dust-free workshop and advanced manufacturing equipment, has realized the automatic control of key process, to ensure the stability of product quality

Polymer membrane

By strengthening general with world famous diaphragm supplier (GE) company, gallons have unique advantages in raw material selection, with excellent desalination rate and strong durability newest polymerization diaphragm, ensure product quality excellence.

Nano-structure Multipage outside helical technology

Combined with NANO membrane science lab for many years in membrane craft that make outstanding achievements in the research, study the different diaphragm material characteristics and production process at home and abroad, over 1 year time, finally to gain breakthrough in film production key technology - multi-page spiral reverse osmosis technology development, has obtained national invention patent. Fill the blank of the industry and to promote the development of the industry and the progress made outstanding contributions.

+ meaning: add 365 uninterrupted cloud online service system

+ cloud refers to gallons of online intelligent anti-counterfeiting and online service system. Gallons of web site will be connected We Chat public number, mobile web site, customers can own login sweep through code or input anti-counterfeiting code number query product information, obtain 365 after safe safeguard. Through cooperation with water purifier manufacturers, database and docking with manufacturer. After the success of the terminal customers in the scanning machine registration information, instant gallons with 365 after safe safeguard.

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