Installing Graphic 

Step two: 

Open the membrane shell ,taking out of the old membrane element and put in the new one to replace. Pay attention to put into the correct place according to the logo of water inflow and outflow.

Step three: 

Check the type O sealing ring on the corresponding right, tighten the membrane shell and put back in the original position.

Step four: 

Running the machine to make sure the water test can reach the specified TDS range.

Let the water running one hour and throw away the water produced among 

this time.

Note: Please do not operate unless the professional person! 

Pay attention to the preparing treatment of the water filter should be according to the water running requirement of the RO membrane. For more details about the install video please visit the website:

Maintenance and change cycle 

Storage Environment requirement:

After a period of the normal running, the membrane element will be polluted by the possible suspended solids and insoluble remainder in the water. Once the scale and sewage blocking are happened, immediately cleaning will be needed.

Regular water cleaning and chemical cleaning can recover the function of the membrane element and extend its working life. The normal changing cycle of the membrane is 2-3 years according to the condition of the water quality. 

Attention matters

For the needs of food and drinking water, we suggest to wash the membrane element by one hour before the first using to meet the requirement of NSF/ANSI58 standard. The water produced in the period should be left behind and can’t be used in drinking or cooking!

Be sure the type O seal ring on the corresponding right

After using, membrane element should be kept wet .The water should be running by one hour if there is no using beyond one week. If you need stop using for a long time, we suggest to take out of the membrane element and immerse into the preserving fluid which contains 1.5%(weight) Sodium bisulfite (food grade)

This membrane element have a certain tolerance to touch pypocholoride in a short time, but it might be defected once in a long time touching. So above condition should try to avoid.

It must be strictly operated according to the installing instruction in the condition of lacking  technical person’s guidance. For the installing video please visit the website.

The Warranty in the limited period time will be invalid if the customer do not strictly observe the working limiting and other guidelines of the model in the instruction. in any case of man-made reasons makes the membrane element defected and effected other functions, the warranty in the limited period time is also invalid.

Salt rejection rate=Running Water salinity(MG/L)- Purifying water salinity(MG/L)/ Running Water salinity(MG/L)*100%

(Note:*temperature of Running water is based on 25℃,the Water Yield will be different along with different water temperature.

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